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20th August 2021 at 11:04am

This section lists all changes made to Grok TiddlyWiki since the previous released version.

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.2.2

Release date3 January 2022
Git commitebce4ae167ce5563d2bc3f45ac578842f83ecad1
  • The TiddlyRemember plugin has been updated to version 1.3.2.
  • TiddlyWiki has been updated to version 5.2.1.
  • Scheduling information maintained by TakeAway will now be exported to Anki when you start studying with Anki.
  • The $let widget is now used instead of the $vars widget, now that it's available in 5.2.1 and pretty much strictly superior.
  • Fixed several typos, wording mistakes, and other minor errors.

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.2.1

Release date29 November 2021
Git commited11ebdec45668fe3750eb011aa777369ef2a67a
  • Fixed the Takeaway Export List showing an ID of “Preview” for all takeaways under certain circumstances, resulting in broken syncing to Anki.
  • Fixed several typos and minor wording mistakes.

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.2.0

Release date5 October 2021
Git commitf5652b203c27e6a8ff7d29a3718a1eabcd7d715f

This version of Grok TiddlyWiki contains content updates to align the text with the following improvements in TiddlyWiki 5.2.0:

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.1.0

Release date18 September 2021
Git commit782898cbc64a523a4f70b696fd1371645cc295a8

I have bumped the minor version number because the interface has improved significantly in several places. Changes to the content are mostly incremental. I've made updates for TiddlyWiki 5.2.0, but they aren't included in this edition since 5.2.0 is still in prerelease at this time.


  • Added a back-matter section on Common Misunderstandings and started it with several items. I'll add more as I encounter them in the forums and elsewhere.
  • Broke out the instructions for installing TiddlyWiki by operating system, and give sample instructions for a Linux install.
  • Added an appendix on ways to support Grok TiddlyWiki and TiddlyWiki itself.
  • Added an explanation of why all[tiddlers+shadows] appears in so many live examples.
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of the description of what makes a title CamelCase.
  • Applied various minor wording and formatting tweaks; thanks to everyone who has pointed out typographical errors and made suggestions!


  • If you study takeaways in-text on the web, you'll now receive a warning when you finish the section that you should create your own copy of GTW if you want to preserve your progress.
  • Improved the interface for adding your own takeaways. The interface for Q&A and cloze is now clearly separated, usage guidance is attached to each, and it's no longer possible to accidentally create a blank takeaway by pressing the button without typing anything.
  • Added contextual help throughout the interface, where a small Tip box appears the first time you use a new feature.
  • Improved the Changes appendix so it shows the date and commit hash of each release.
  • Changed the arrow symbols used to enter the first/last section of a chapter in the navigation bar, as the symbols we were using weren't in the embedded font and could be missing on some devices.


  • Added an upgrader tool that guides you through the process of deleting any takeaways or other tiddlers that have become out of date in the new version.
  • Created a static version of the book for search engines and people on low-bandwidth connections; most of the interactive features are missing, but it's enough for a quick check of a page. A large banner explains this and provides a permalink to the tiddler within the wiki version. The <noscript> element in the wiki version also points to the static version.

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.0.2

Release date6 June 2021
Git commit154024773664662ac0bb4cbdbdc932a7dd3371e5
  • Deleting any bookmark was causing all bookmarks to be deleted. This has been fixed and you can now safely delete bookmarks.
  • Fixed instructions for embedding a font in TW (if you're poking around in the system tiddlers wondering how I did it, you can now find the correct forum thread for reference).
  • Expanded the prompt for Ex:AlphabeticallyLastDescription to incorporate user feedback.
  • Fixed several more incorrect filters on live examples in Sn:RubberDucking.
  • Fixed several more typos and confusingly worded sentences.

Grok TiddlyWiki 1.0.1

Release date21 May 2021
Git commit4fc99def0b99c60bbf7ac682968ce83756209c3b
  • The Takeaways tab of the sidebar search box was mistakenly finding only collected takeaways; this has been fixed.
  • Corrected the filter on several live examples in Wr:Transclusions so that they show output as intended.
  • Evened out the spacing at the bottom of the in-text takeaway reviewer once all cards have been collected.
  • Fixed several typos and confusingly worded sentences.

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