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5th June 2021 at 10:00pm

What is the alphabetically last description that any button on the editor toolbar uses? (The description is what shows up when you hover over the button, minus the indication of the keyboard shortcut. No cheating by hovering over every button!)

You'll need some additional information for this one:

  • Remember that everything's a tiddler? Buttons in TiddlyWiki's interface are tiddlers too!
  • A tiddler is part of the editor toolbar if it is tagged $:/tags/EditorToolbar.
  • You'll need to start your filter with all[shadows] to get any results.
  • Your filter expression will have more steps than any we've seen so far. Add one step to the filter expression at a time, inspecting the result to determine how you need to modify the list (what step you need to add) next. You'll eventually reach a point where you have a bunch of results that are wrapped in curly braces, like {{$:/language/Buttons/Paint/Description}}. When you get here, add the following filter steps to the end of your filter: split[{{]split[}}].

And here are two hints if you need them:

  1. How do you think we would define the description of a button in the TiddlyWiki data model?
  2. The content of a language tiddler, like $:/language/Buttons/Paint/Description, is stored in its text field.

This one is intended to be a little bit above your level at the moment – we won't get to some of the concepts involved until chapter 6, Looking Under the Hood – so you might not be able to figure it out. But spend some time working on it before you look at the answer.

Go to answer: Ex:AlphabeticallyLastDescription/answer