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Useful Plugins

27th March 2021 at 1:33pm

This section collects some plugins I find particularly useful that you may want to check out as well. There are many more out there.

  • TW5 Locator – table of contents on steroids. Also makes it possible to easily search in fields and do a wide variety of other tiddler-organization-and-searching-related things.
  • CodeMirror (find in the official plugins repository in Control Panel > Plugins) – improves the text editor embedded in the edit view of TiddlyWiki with things like find-and-replace and keybinding sets to match popular editors like Emacs and Vim.
  • Highlight (find in the official plugins repository) – syntax highlighting on code blocks.
  • KaTeX (find in the official plugins repository) – insert mathematical notation and formulas between $$double dollar signs$$ in your wiki.
  • kin filter – allow finding tagged or linked items anywhere in a multi-level hierarchy. Like tags[], links[], etc., but more powerful.
  • TiddlyTables – create pretty dynamic, interactive tables with less fussing with HTML
  • Shiraz – adds Bootstrap CSS classes to TiddlyWiki for pretty formatting.
  • Relink – allows updating all references to a tiddler when renaming it; almost essential in large wikis where things change frequently.
  • TiddlyRemember – transfer the most important parts of your notes into your brain by writing flashcards in your wiki and syncing them to Anki. The TakeAway tools in this book are built on TiddlyRemember.
  • Date Picker – to create fields that allow easily selecting dates and times, rather than manually typing in dates in TiddlyWiki's weird format.

David Gifford's TiddlyWiki Toolmap is a brilliant, actively updated resource for finding plugins and other TiddlyWiki-related tools. The TiddlyWiki Links Aggregator is still in the early stages of development, but promises to be just as valuable.

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