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Looking Under the Hood

27th March 2021 at 12:35pm

Everything we've learned about tiddlers so far can also be applied to the functionality of TiddlyWiki itself, because everything's a tiddler! After completing this chapter, you'll be able to customize TiddlyWiki's interface and behavior in a variety of useful ways, such as by adding buttons to the toolbars, placing predefined content on tiddlers matching some criteria, and creating new forms and interface elements.

We'll start by looking at system tiddlers, plugins, and shadow tiddlers, which are extensions to the normal understanding of tiddlers. Then we'll see how mechanisms built into TiddlyWiki allow us to edit parts of TiddlyWiki's interface and link our own entirely new tiddlers into it – whether that's the set of built-in macros, the sidebar, or tiddlers in the story river. And we'll work through several example customizations so you can see how these features will be used.

In this chapter

  • System Tiddlers – Almost everything in TiddlyWiki is controlled by tiddlers; system tiddlers are those hidden “meta-tiddlers” that control the wiki rather than containing your actual content.
  • Plugins – Plugins are bundles of tiddlers that provide new functionality.
  • Shadow Tiddlers – Shadow tiddlers are tiddlers that are provided by plugins; they can be overridden if you want to customize a plugin.
  • Global Macros – Macros can be made available to all tiddlers in the wiki, or to some subset of tiddlers.
  • The View Template – The ViewTemplate is a special template TiddlyWiki uses internally to render each story in the story river; you can customize it to add custom content to all tiddlers or a subset of tiddlers.
  • Adding to the Sidebar – Arbitrary tiddlers can be added to the sidebar to expose custom navigation options or any other content you like.
  • Stamps – Stamps allow quick insertion of commonly-used snippets of text into tiddlers while editing.
  • Creating a List of Links and Backlinks – Dive into adding custom tooling to TiddlyWiki by building a list of outbound and inbound links that appears at the bottom of every tiddler.
  • Buttons and Input Widgets – Buttons and input widgets allow you to create custom user interfaces that edit fields and take actions in the wiki.
  • Creating Tiddlers With Predefined Fields – Explore buttons, system tags, action widgets, and messages by adding new buttons to the toolbar that create tiddlers with some custom field values already in place.

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