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Tips and Tricks

2nd May 2021 at 2:05pm

In this chapter, we'll explore a handful of additional widgets and techniques that may be useful on your TiddlyWiki journey.

In this chapter

  • Getting the Current Tiddler Right on Drafts – The side-by-side preview won't display correctly when the current tiddler is used in certain ways, but you can work around it.
  • Hiding and Showing Things – Portions of tiddlers can be hidden and shown selectively using the $list widget and the $reveal widget.
  • Miscellaneous Widgets – A handful of widgets are frequently useful but haven't been needed in this book thus far.
  • Working with Dates – TiddlyWiki offers tooling for displaying, retrieving, and computing differences between dates.
  • Qualification – The qualify macro lets you avoid having state in one use of a template affect another use of a template.

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