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18th April 2021 at 9:16am

Stamps are snippets of text that can be inserted into a tiddler at the click of a button, for use when a macro or transclusion wouldn't be feasible or appropriate. For instance, perhaps what you need to insert is actually a macro call, but one that has a bunch of parameters which you can't remember well.

Stamps are tiddlers (what else?) tagged $:/tags/TextEditor/Snippet. Such tiddlers appear on the stamp button on the edit toolbar under the name in their caption field, and clicking them inserts the text of the relevant snippet into the editor.

It's also possible to make a stamp take some selected text and add a prefix or suffix to it, rather than just inserting a chunk of new text. For this and more, see the documentation on stamps.

Exercise: (m) [Ex:WikipediaLinkSnippet]

Create a snippet Link to Wikipedia article that inserts a call to the wikipediaLink global macro. Specifically, it should use the prefix/suffix feature so that if you highlight Aardvark, you get <<wikipediaLink "Aardvark" linktext>>.

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