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Options for Saving and Hosting Your Wiki

3rd May 2021 at 8:35pm

In Installing TiddlyWiki, we decided to use TiddlyDesktop to save and manage our wiki. However, once you have the hang of TiddlyWiki, TiddlyDesktop is not necessarily the best fit. For instance, it doesn't let you access your wiki across the internet or make it available to other users. Or you might be frustrated with the limitations on Images and Attachments in a single-file wiki and want to store your wiki as a folder of individual tiddlers and host it on Node.js.

If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, you can find a list of all the available savers in the Getting Started tiddler on Several particularly interesting ones:

  • TiddlyDesktop is the tool that Grok TiddlyWiki has generally been assuming you are using.
  • The GitHub saver allows you to save your changes to a public or private Git repository hosted on GitHub.
  • Node.js is really TiddlyWiki's native platform, and the single-file versions a kind of package containing the elements needed to allow it to operate outside of Node. This is the most powerful way to work with your wiki, but also requires some technical expertise to take advantage of.
  • Timimi is a combination browser add-on and desktop application that allows you to seamlessly save to your hard drive – much like TiddlyDesktop, but you access your wiki from within a normal browser.
  • Quine 2 allows you to conveniently view and edit TiddlyWikis on an iOS device.

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