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Reviewing the Basics

15th March 2021 at 10:42am

We've now worked our way through the majority of our initial set of requirements! We've created standard types of tiddlers for each of the things we said we wanted to keep track of, decided what kind of information we wanted to capture for each of them, and created a sample tiddler for each.

There are still some significant holes you're probably looking to fill. For instance, we haven't talked about how to find tiddlers that match particular criteria, or indeed how to find tiddlers at all, and we could do with a clearer overview of all the notes belonging to a particular project or area. Many of the fields we created on tiddlers are kind of hard to use, and we have to manually add them to every tiddler. And there are a great number of other efficiency improvements and customizations we could benefit from.

We'll tackle these things starting in the next chapter, but first, let's do a few exercises to solidify what we've covered so far.

Exercise: (s) [Ex:RaffapKnowledgeTiddler]

Return to the Employee Information System tiddler and create a new knowledge tiddler for the Really Annoying Five-Factor Authentication Process. Use your imagination on what's involved!

Exercise: (m) [Ex:RaffapReflection]

Review what you wrote about the RAFFAP.

  • Did you write about anything or anyone you already have a tiddler for, and thus should link to?
  • Are there any new concepts that should have their own tiddlers (or at least missing links)?
  • Are there other contexts you would expect to want to retrieve the RAFFAP in which would suggest you should add certain tags to it?

Update what you wrote accordingly.

Exercise: (m) [Ex:CamelCaseKnowledgeTiddlers]

Try changing the title of one of your knowledge tiddlers to not be in CamelCase (add some spaces to it, and/or change the capitalization).

  • Notice the drop-down showing you any links that will break when you rename the tiddler.
  • Visit the tiddlers those other links were contained in and update the links to match. You'll have to use the [[square bracket syntax]] now.
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of camel-case linking? If you have a TiddlyWiki use case in mind for yourself, do you think camel-case links will be a good idea there?

Note: If you rename tiddlers often, the Relink plugin can update the links automatically.

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Exercise: (m) [Ex:JaneDoeFamily]

Visit Jane Doe's tiddler and review the family and manager fields. These fields refer to several people who don't have tiddlers yet. Create those tiddlers, with all the appropriate metadata.

You can assume that John Doe and Emily Doe are also managed by Chris Smith (though managing three family members unrelated to you sounds like a disaster waiting to happen). Your choice of phone numbers and email addresses does not matter, provided they are in the correct formats.

Exercise: (s) [Ex:ManagerField]

We chose to use a field to keep track of employees' managers. List at least two other ways we could have chosen to do this, and some advantages and disadvantages of each.

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