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More Organizational Tools

10th April 2021 at 9:39am

At this point, we've covered most of the important features of TiddlyWiki. In the next chapter, we'll be exploring how we can use what we've learned to customize TiddlyWiki's interface and behavior. Before that, though, let's look at a few miscellaneous features that we haven't covered yet.

In this chapter

  • Classifying Tags – The colors and icons of tags can be customized to make it easier to tell tags with different functions apart.
  • Multi-Run Filters – Filters can be made more complex and powerful by including more than one run.
  • Images and Attachments – Content other than wikitext can be embedded into a TiddlyWiki, or stored outside of it and referenced in a variety of ways.
  • Tabs – The tabs macro facilitates compact display of a number of related tiddlers, as in the sidebar of a stock TiddlyWiki.
  • Data Tiddlers – A data tiddler packs a series of name-value pairs into a single tiddler's text field.

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