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Classifying Tags

3rd January 2022 at 10:04am

When we use lots of tags in a wiki, it can become difficult to find the ones we want. In particular, we often end up using tags for multiple purposes, which can be somewhat confusing. Already in our example wiki, we're using tags to pick out types of tiddlers (e.g., meeting, contact, knowledge), to create hierarchies, and to add miscellaneous bits of metadata to things (e.g., whether something is a software application).

One great way to tell apart tags used for different purposes is to add colors and icons to them. TiddlyWiki makes this easy to do using the tag manager, which you can find under the Tools tab in the sidebar.

One tricky point can be getting the same color across multiple tags, since the color picker does not save recently used colors. The easiest way is to pick a tag that already has the color you want, click the color picker, and copy the hex code from the bottom (that's the bit that looks like #000000). Then you can paste that in for the new tag.


Exercise: (s) [Ex:TagColoring]

Set the tags corresponding to tiddler types (Contact, Journal, Meeting, and Project) to solid red (#ff0000) and give them a tag icon ($:/core/images/tag-button).

Exercise: (s) [Ex:TagMetadataStorage]

How do you think the color and icon of tags are stored?

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Exercise: (m) [Ex:RedTagsFilter]

Write a filter to find all tiddlers tagged with red tags. Make sure you figure out Ex:TagMetadataStorage first, or you won't have much luck.

Hint: Review the Tags section of Common Filter Operators.

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