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Downloading Grok TiddlyWiki

21st March 2021 at 9:45am

Grok TiddlyWiki is a TiddlyWiki itself, as you may have noticed or suspected by now. To get the full value out of GTW, you'll want to create your own copy of this wiki; this will allow GTW to save information about your progress and personalize the book for you. If you don't create a copy, you won't be able to keep track of which exercises you've completed, review takeaways, create bookmarks, or save your place when you stop reading.

If you're currently viewing this page on the web, you should download a copy now by clicking the save icon at the end of this paragraph:

You are free to modify your saved copy for personal use, and to share unmodified copies with others, but not to redistribute modified versions or earn money from redistribution. See the copyright notice for details.

Since the point of having your own copy is being able to edit the wiki to save your progress, you'll also need a way to save changes to the file. The most convenient way is to load the file up in TiddlyDesktop, just like the wiki you'll be doing exercises in. Once you've done that, close out of Grok TiddlyWiki in your web browser and pick up where you left off in TiddlyDesktop (you can use the Outline link in the upper-right to quickly find your spot again). In the future, open the book in TiddlyDesktop rather than on the web.

Be sure to save your changes when you close the book for a while; TiddlyDesktop will prompt you to do so when you close the window.

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