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9th April 2021 at 10:13am

Here is a concise listing of the sections introducing the most important concepts in TiddlyWiki. To see all chapters and sections in the book, visit the Outline.

Tiddlers are the unit of information in TiddlyWiki.
Tiddlers are made up of fields.
Wikitext is a markup language used to format tiddlers.
Links tell TiddlyWiki what ideas (tiddlers) in your wiki are related to each other.
Tags are a special type of link used to categorize tiddlers and arrange them in hierarchies.
Filters are a lightweight query language used primarily to select tiddlers.
Widgets are a TiddlyWiki extension to HTML exposing wiki-specific functionality.
Variables let you assign a name to an arbitrary value, then use the name in place of the value in multiple places.
Macros extend the concept of variables by allowing portions of the value to change each time the macro is referenced.
Transclusions are like variables, but their value is stored in a field of a tiddler.
System Tiddlers
Almost everything in TiddlyWiki is controlled by tiddlers; system tiddlers are those hidden “meta-tiddlers” that control the wiki rather than containing your actual content.
Plugins are bundles of tiddlers that provide new functionality.
Shadow Tiddlers
Shadow tiddlers are tiddlers that are provided by plugins; they can be overridden if you want to customize a plugin.