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17th August 2021 at 8:14pm

Thanks to Diego M., Mohammad Rahmani, Jennifer Bjornstad, Odin Jorna, Sinisa Obradovic, Stan Dunn, Stéphane L., and Walt Ludwick for reviewing pre-release copies of the first edition of Grok TiddlyWiki and offering feedback, and to many folks around the web for suggesting further improvements to subsequent editions.

Grok TiddlyWiki would not exist without TiddlyWiki itself; thanks to Jeremy Ruston for spending fifteen years working on it, and to all the community members who have helped to make this open-source project what it is.

In particular, thanks to all the members of the TiddlyWiki forum for helping me learn to use TiddlyWiki, and for not just putting up with but reliably and cheerfully answering a wide variety of impractical questions I posed while trying to understand TiddlyWiki deeply enough to write a book about it. All users of TiddlyWiki are lucky to have such a friendly and helpful resource!

Thanks to Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen for doing pioneering work on the mnemonic medium and Orbit, which was the inspiration for TakeAway and is worth a look for anyone who likes TakeAway. Thanks also to Damien Elmes and the Anki community for developing the fantastic spaced-repetition tool that got me interested in spaced-repetition study back in 2010. I hope that TakeAway serves to advance the cause of spaced-repetition use at least a little bit.

The primary text font in Grok TiddlyWiki is Paul Hunt's Source Sans Pro, and the monospaced font used for code examples is Raph Levien's Inconsolata. Thanks to the designers of these excellent fonts for making them available for free.

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