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7th February 2021 at 12:31pm

Add a list-before field to $:/yourname/TiddlerTypeTemplates/Contact and set its value to $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/body, then similarly for /Meeting. Take another look at Ordering Tiddlers if you don't remember how this works.

Setting list-after to $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/classic would have the same effect, but I bet you're going to have no idea why you set the field to that specific value when you look at it 6 months from now. Saying it comes before body is much more intuitive. It also protects you better against future changes – if you used list-after and classic were to move to some other location on the tiddler display, your template might move around with it to a confusing spot. However, it's unlikely you will ever not want this template to appear right before the text of the tiddler, no matter where the text might move to.

Go to question: Ex:DontOverrideViewTemplateTag