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30th January 2021 at 11:43am

Let's do a bit of formatting now. It probably will look better if the excerpt starts on a new line after the title, especially once we get this into two columns. An easy way to do that in HTML is to place the excerpt macro call in a <div> tag (short for division), which is a generic way to group content together, so go ahead and do that and check that it works.

In addition, let's wrap the Links and Backlinks sections, including the titles, each in a div (you can do this within the macro). We'll need to have them in separate divs to get them to appear in two columns.

Lastly, wrap the whole thing (both the Links and Backlinks sections) in one more div.

Aside from the excerpts appearing on separate lines from the tiddler titles, you should not see any difference in output yet – we've merely made it possible to style with CSS.

Go to answer: Ex:CreatingLinkDivs/answer