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9th April 2021 at 5:16pm

Congratulations, you are a TiddlyWiki hacker!

Hilariously, all it really takes is a single ], because this causes the filter syntax to become invalid, which causes the tiddler Filter error: Missing [ in filter expression to appear in the output and the contents of the $list widget to render once. You could use any number of variations on the theme of making the filter syntax invalid.

A more complete version, riffing on the example we saw above, would be x]][x – that is, create an unconditional filter run for the tiddler [[x]] so there's some output to the filter, then open a new run which tries to match the text x against the password (presumably this will fail, but that will be OK because we've already added a tiddler to the final output of the filter run). Again, we will discuss how multiple filter runs work in the next chapter.

Go to question: Ex:BypassSecurityWithTextSubstitution